Oct 18, 2010

Angrakha Kurtis: Ethnic Style With A Difference

Oct 18, 2010
The Indian form of tunics, better known as 'kurtis' are quite in vogue these days. There is a huge variety of Indian tunics available in market and one among those variety is the 'angrakha kurti'. It is a favored style of kurti which is immensely popular among ethnic dress lovers.

Angrakha is actually a traditional Rajasthani style of clothing which is generally worn by men there. Today, its processed, transformed and extended version is identified as angrakha kurtis for ladies. This particular style of tunic basically has two flaps, lying on top of each other over the chest, tied together with the help of strings. The flaps are decked up with embroidery, patch work or sequins etc to make it a prominent aspect of the entire kurti. At times these flaps are just bordered with contrasting shade of cloth without any excessive add ons onto it.

These kurtis look absolutely beautiful and graceful and can be worn on any occasion from festivals to evening outs etc. Like most of the other kurtis, angrakha kurtis too can be teamed up with any of the denims, patiyala, leggings or churidars. The length of the kurti should be picked up with great precision as a wrong choice can end up in a spoiled look. The various kinds of lengths available are- above the knee length, waist length, calf length, mid-thigh length and below the knee length.

An Angrakha tunic in silk with elegant embroidery can be a great choice for a party. Tall females can team up this tunic with fitted churidars, in fact, a waist length angarakha with a flowing skirt can make a pretty stylish combination. These tunics are in fact far more trendy than the regular fashion tops.

So what are you waiting for, just pick an angarakha tunic which suits your figure and team it up with either a contrasting legging, jeans, skirt whatever together with kolhapuri chappals or jutis as footwear and a dash of slight make up. Well, you are all set to dazzle the evening.

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