Oct 18, 2010

Angrakha Kurtis: Ethnic Style With A Difference

Oct 18, 2010
The Indian form of tunics, better known as 'kurtis' are quite in vogue these days. There is a huge variety of Indian tunics available in market and one among those variety is the 'angrakha kurti'. It is a favored style of kurti which is immensely popular among ethnic dress lovers.

Angrakha is actually a traditional Rajasthani style of clothing which is generally worn by men there. Today, its processed, transformed and extended version is identified as angrakha kurtis for ladies. This particular style of tunic basically has two flaps, lying on top of each other over the chest, tied together with the help of strings. The flaps are decked up with embroidery, patch work or sequins etc to make it a prominent aspect of the entire kurti. At times these flaps are just bordered with contrasting shade of cloth without any excessive add ons onto it.

These kurtis look absolutely beautiful and graceful and can be worn on any occasion from festivals to evening outs etc. Like most of the other kurtis, angrakha kurtis too can be teamed up with any of the denims, patiyala, leggings or churidars. The length of the kurti should be picked up with great precision as a wrong choice can end up in a spoiled look. The various kinds of lengths available are- above the knee length, waist length, calf length, mid-thigh length and below the knee length.

An Angrakha tunic in silk with elegant embroidery can be a great choice for a party. Tall females can team up this tunic with fitted churidars, in fact, a waist length angarakha with a flowing skirt can make a pretty stylish combination. These tunics are in fact far more trendy than the regular fashion tops.

So what are you waiting for, just pick an angarakha tunic which suits your figure and team it up with either a contrasting legging, jeans, skirt whatever together with kolhapuri chappals or jutis as footwear and a dash of slight make up. Well, you are all set to dazzle the evening.

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Sep 22, 2010

Indian Sarees: Tips To Look Your Best

Sep 22, 2010
Indian sarees are known for their classy, elegant appeal which they render to a lady. This non-stitched nine yards fabric is an essential part of the Indian clothing for women and looks absolutely amazing if draped correctly. Besides, the selection of saree also plays a vital role in making a female look her best in it. Mentioned below is an assortment of tips which can help one pick just the right kind of Indian saree for herself. Have a look:

As Per Occasion

Cotton saree are suited best for offices. A crisp, well starched saree in subtle color and designs is just perfect to carry in offices. Pin up the cotton saree pallu in pleats upto the shoulder and you are all set to attend official meetings and conferences with elegance.

For parties, try to team up your saree with casual and trendy blouses like halters, sleeveless or other such designs. The Indian saree technique used here for draping is pinning up the tip of the saree on the shoulder and let the rest of the pallu fall on and around the hand. A saree draped in this particular style looks smart, chic and classy.

Wedding is one occasion when one can flaunt the heaviest of sarees in the wardrobe. Gold zari work done Kanjivaram sarees in deep shades of red, green are blue are just perfect for weddings. Sarees laden with heavy thread work, sequins etc. can be carried on this event.

As Per Structure

To Appear Slimmer
For ladies who are on a heavier side, it is best to opt for a saree made up of fabrics like chiffon, georgette or crepe. Such fabrics are soft, light and free flowing making it easy to drape and avoiding any kind of added dimension of volume to the body thus, making plump ladies appear slimmer.

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Sep 6, 2010

Lehenga Buying Tips

Sep 6, 2010
Lehenga is one of the most favorite wedding attire for most the Indian brides. A lehenga traditionally consists of three parts namely, lehenga or ghaghra (full length skirt), a choli (fitted top or bodice) and the odhini or dupatta(veil). All these three parts are co-ordinated in the best possible manner to make the bride look perfect on her D-day. The colors, the designs, the style, every single thing has to be in synchronization with each other because then only this particular bridal attire can create the actual dazzling effect.

There are a couple of pointers which can help one pick up the right kind of lehenga. Some of which are discussed below. Check them out:

-The first thing which needs to be remembered while buying a lehenga is the budget. One should first fix a budget and then try finding a lehenga which suits the budget. This would help to keep the expenses in track and not make one end up blowing an unjustified amount on a lehenga.

-If you are getting a lehenga designed, then try and spend ample amount of time with the designer to provide him with a fair idea of the kind of lehenga you are looking for.

-Make sure the fabric used in lehenga is decent enough as at times the fabric quality is not prioritized while designing a lehenga.

-The lining used in the skirt has to be strong and comfortable enough to carry the weight of the heavy embroidery done on the skirt. Satin or any other soft fabric makes wonderful lehenga linings.

-Make sure that the embroidery etc. done on the outfit does not hamper the movement of your arms etc. or hurt the skin in any whichever way. At times the embroidery under the arm on the bodice hurts the skin and hampers the movement of hands. Thus, it should be checked well before making a purchase or getting a lehenga designed.

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Jun 3, 2010

Tips for a Perfect Summer Wedding Lehenga!

Jun 3, 2010
This year summer weddings have been on the rise- with the rising temperature, of course! The all “heavy” wedding lehengas in red and other bright colors are really a “put off” (not the sober soothing red lehenga if you prefer that) for any bride-to-be. So, what is the perfect wedding lehenga like for a summer wedding? Whatever it be- it should be elegant, minimalistic in nice soothing colors- may be pastels (a modernistic deviation from the traditional red color!) Here are some more tips for you to get a comfortable and perfect summer wedding lehenga!
  • Select a wedding lehenga that is something soft and delicate and not too heavy. For this, consider the fabric of lehenga and, of course, the color too!
  • If you fear that light fabrics will mar the spirit of your wedding lehenga, just choose a fabric that has rich looks but are otherwise lighter to wear such as organza and satin.
  • Summer is the time when you can completely justify the strapped backless choli with your wedding lehenga. Just be a little trendy and go for it!
  • Be careful about matching your wedding jewelery with your lehenga. If you are wearing gold jewelery, a lehenga choli with sequins, swaroski and silver will look odd.
  • Two of the most trendy colors for this season's wedding lehengas are pink and sober gold. You can well go for them. If pink is not your choice of color nor is red then do some experiment and go for a combination of pink and red wedding lehenga. A sober gold lehenga with sequins is glamorous without being loud.
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Apr 19, 2010

Plus Size Saree Blouse Designs

Apr 19, 2010
Designer Saree Blouse Pattern

Wide Neck Saree Blouse Design

V Back Saree Blouse Design

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Apr 13, 2010

Wedding Sarees- Latest Designs

Apr 13, 2010
Wedding Saree with Borders

Designer Wedding Saree

Lehenga Style Wedding Saree

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Mar 26, 2010

Retro Revisited

Mar 26, 2010
Retro fashion is all about the bling, big bold designs and of course, bell bottoms. It is a reminiscent of a glorious golden era of revolution. The designs and styles use to be bold and loud speaking about the changing mindset and transformation of society during that period.
Polka dots and geometrical shapes were used extensively in the designs so much so that these designs had become almost an anthem back then in 1970s. Flared jeans, bell bottoms, ruffled skirts were quite popular in this period. The boldness was obvious in the jewelry patterns too. Chunky bracelets, big earrings and rings were the trend setters at that time.
Today, the retro fashion is revisited with a fresh new approach. The empire waistlines, layered dresses, swirls, chunky jewelry etc. are back in vogue though the designs and cuts are as per the current generation yet the basic inspiration is from the revolutionary fashion of 1960s and 1970s. Have a look:


Mar 19, 2010

Fashion: The Rules of the Game

Mar 19, 2010

It is a known fact that females love to dress up and flaunt their beauty at every given chance. Following the latest trends and fashion most often tops their priority list but while participating in this rat race of being fashionable, most of the times they turn a blind eye to whether the fashion that they are carrying is even suiting them or not.

There are certain cardinal rules which needs to be followed while following fashion. The first and the most thing to understand is that fashion can not always be wearable, there are lots of fashion trends which practically can not be moved out of the ramp. Hence, one has to understand that while fashion at times can not be carried as it is, it can always be styled to suit one's personality. Once this notion is cleared, its then time to concentrate on the wardrobe.

A female's wardrobe needs to be the right mix of chic classic dresses and funky fashionable clothes. There are few essentials amongst women fashion wear which has to have a place in the wardrobe and those are: a pair of classic black pants, a stylish crisp white shirt, a little black dress, a suave coat, a pair of nice fitting denims and a wrap dress. Not to forget that a trendy handbag and a couple of sexy stilettos also make way to the must-haves list.

Another important thing to remember while dressing is that a trendy dress does not guarantee you a pleasing fashion statement for if the dress doesn't suit your body type and personality, then you very well might end up making a fashion blunder. Thus. it is important to understand the colors, cuts and designs that complement your body structure and help you highlight your assets and play down your flaws.


Jan 15, 2010

Wear Organic Clothing for Better Health and Environment

Jan 15, 2010

This is only a doll wearing a green saree- not only in color green but a true green clothing- an eco friendly saree. It is a saree made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is one of the many natural fiber that is eco friendly too. You might think that cotton is also natural then why only organic cotton is eco friendly? This is because while growing cotton, pesticides are used and while processing the fiber for making fabric, many other chemicals are used. They all contribute in making cotton non eco friendly. There are many other eco friendly fibers like bamboo, hemp, jute etc. that are used these days for making a variety of clothes. Many celebrity fashion designers too are using these green clothing for introducing their green designer lines. So, just like the doll above, now you can also wear an organic clothing!

When you wear green clothing, you not only make our planet a more safer place to live in but you also make yourself more healthier. Organic clothing is always skin friendly and keep you away from allergies, rashes and other skin problems. Many of these eco friendly fabrics have other qualities too. Some of them are naturally moisture absorbent that make them suitable for summer clothing & outer wear clothing and many others protect you from harmful sun rays- naturally! To know more about such eco friendly clothing and about what type of organic clothing is available for Indian women, read Green Clothing for Indian Women- Eco Friendly Fashion Trends


Jan 6, 2010

Gemstone Jewellery- Can they Bring Luck to You?

Jan 6, 2010
Women, fashion and jewellery can not be separated. Although there are jewelry for men too but it seems that women are the most rightful candidates for wearing them. Women jewellery come in all types of materials- gold, silver, other metals, beads, wood and even clay and stones, coins etc. All women wear jewellery but for different reasons.

  • First and foremost reason for wearing jewelery is that they make the wearer look beautiful.
  • Some women wear them as fashion accessories to bring out the complete beauty of outfits.
  • Some wear due to religious factor or traditional ritual. Most of the married Indian women wear  bangles, necklaces, rings, toe rings etc. to observe cultural obligations
  • Some women, especially young girls, wear them to follow the latest fashions. You can easily spot them wearing a typical bracelet or ring or some other such jewellery just to be with trends.
  • Yet others wear precious jewelery to show off their 'well off social status' ( not a very tasteful reason but yes its a fact!)
  • There is one very cute reason too for wearing jewelery. Women wear jewellery received as gifts from their loved ones (husband, boyfriend, brother, father, friend, mother etc.) just out of emotional attachment to them.
  • And there are some others who wear jewellery for bringing luck to them. These are gemstone jewelry but can they bring luck with them?

Astrologers say that when a person is born, the planets and stars are in a particular position. Their position influences the life of that person by emitting some electromagnetic energy and radiations. These may be good effects, bad effects and mixed effects. There are particular stones of many colors- popularly known as gemstones- that can alter the influences of planets by making them more favorable or by diminishing their ill effects. This is done by rays emitted by the gemstones. They can do wonders regarding luck in love, money, business, etc. in the life of the wearer. However, these gemstones are prescribed based upon the position of the planetary bodies during the birth time of the person. Thus, astrological horoscopes are made for prescribing them to a person.

There are many people who don't believe in this theory. They could not understand the logic behind a small stone affecting big planetary energies. However, there is one fact- something done with faith can really bring amazing results. If you take your medicine with faith, you will definitely recover fast. If a person wears these gemstone jewellery, s/he will be positive about the efforts put in to resolve any issue. This gives a push to take the right moves and thus the gemstones can play a positive role in bringing good fortune (not just by wearing them but by the positive efforts put in by the wearer).

One thing is clear anyway- gemstones are so beautiful that no one can be spared from their charm! Be it ruby, emerald, garnet, or the ever favorite gem of women- the diamond- they all give a charming beauty to the wearer. So, whether you believe in the astrological explanations about good effects of gemstones or not- you can always wear gemstone jewelry for its sheer beauty! And if you do believe in astrologers saying that a gemstone will bring good luck and fortune for you then first know which gemstone has been prescribed as your birth stone. Read Birth Stones for All Zodiac Signs