Nov 30, 2009

Anarkali Churidar Suits- Latest Designs

Nov 30, 2009

Anarkali Churidar Kurta with Full Flair

Bridal Anarkali Churidar Suit

Elegant Party Wear Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali Churidar Design with Modern Touch

Sleeveless Anarkali Churidar Kurta


Nov 25, 2009

Do Fashion Magazines Influence Women of India?

Nov 25, 2009
Howsoever popular the digital media becomes, print media has proved time and again that it will not die. However, all the publications including books, journals and magazines have to change with times and with the choices of target readers. Fashion magazines are no exceptions. In India too!

Initial Role of Women's Magazines in India

For a long time, women of India had remained in the backgrounds. With time, they too realized their potential and took charge of their own lives. They started deciding about their likes and dislikes, important life decisions like marriage, work, children etc. Some of the credit for empowering women in India goes to the women's magazines too that incorporated topics on work and career along with the  stereotypical subjects such as beauty, fashion, relationships, and entertainment. Most importantly, these magazines that gradually came to be known as lifestyle magazines started focusing on the issue of work life balance and the tough decisions regarding whether to quit working to raise a family?

How Fashion Magazines Influence Women's life?

Woman has always been associated with beauty. In spite of her physical disadvantage, she has shown her courage and strength at every front of her life- be it family, work, children, parents or society. However, in taking care of all the important aspects of her life, she sometimes forgets to take care of herself. Those who realize this and found themselves in a state where they can not identify their own self, seek to find the means to establish their own identity. They long for making their presence felt. In this process, they need to know what is gong on around them. They take help of magazines to know the present society- the trends of not only fashion, clothing and style but how women are making their own ways in the society.

Present Day Fashion Magazines

The fashion magazines, in their new avatar, not only contain beauty tips, fashion trends and glossy photographs of film actresses and models but they also tell how women can look and feel good in spite of being busy. Not only looks, they also tell how women can remain healthy as true beauty comes from within. These fashion magazines, particularly those published in India, focus on such natural ways as Yoga, Ayurvedic and Home Remedies for beauty treatments, health tips etc. to make Indian women truly fit and well. As far as fashion and style is concerned, they not only cover what's going on in society and what the fashion designers are doing but sometimes set the trends themselves.

How Far Should Women Let Magazines Influence Their Lives?

Getting ideas for an outfit or for decoration from a magazine is all right as is taking tips on hairstyle, fashion trends etc. but getting influenced by every word in the same way as is written might prove detrimental. Magazines are for taking ideas and not as a support for deciding almost every aspect of one's life. There is no harm in buying fashion magazines but don't let it be your guide to life. Read and understand articles. Follow what you think is right. There is no need to be its blind follower. See the photographs and cloth designs. If you want to get them made- get them but after adapting according to your body types and your personal needs. This way, magazine can be your friends. Use them judiciously!

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Nov 20, 2009

Katrina Barbie Doll Enters India

Nov 20, 2009

The most popular international doll Barbie, who has been given the likeness of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaiff to mark her 50th year, has arrived India and will be unveiled next month in December 2009. The above picture shows Katrina in the small pink dress designed by Nishka, the daughter of one of the top fashion designers of India, Neeta Lulla. Katrina walked the ramp in this outfit as the show stopper for the "All Doll'd Up" special fashion show dedicated to Barbie at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai earlier this year. The doll 'Katrina Barbie' will be wearing the same design.


Nov 19, 2009

Aloe Vera Sarees- Handloom Sarees with a Difference!

Nov 19, 2009
You might have heard about aloe vera gel for skin care or aloe vera extract for health care but you would have never heard of sarees made of aloe vera! After being used for giving magical glow to  Cleopatra's skin and medical wellness to Alexander ages ago, Aloe Vera has landed right into the wardrobes of Indian women in the form of sarees!

Weavers in Anakaputhur suburb of Tamil Nadu are experimenting with aloe vera fibers to make colorful sarees. Till now, these weavers were making handloom sarees from traditional natural fibers like cotton and silk. However, with the increasing prices of yarn, they started finding other options for making their sarees. First they used banana fibre, and now they have started using fibre from the Aloe Vera plant. “Sarees made from Aloe Vera fibre are in demand. Weavers today are earning well,” as told by Sekar, the President of the Anakaputhur Jute Weavers Association.  What more? These are very cheap saris as compared to the traditional handloom sarees. They can be bought in as low a price as 700 rupees though in Tamil Nadu only. Hopefully, these sarees will soon be available in other parts of India and world too!

Aloe Vera Textile in Other Parts of the World

In the western countries like Germany and Spain, Aloe Vera enriched clothing is in the initial stages of development. It has been claimed that aloe vera in garments prevent aging of the skin; rejuvenate skin cells: and keep skin free from microbial infections. Dermatology tests related to the textile applications of these fibers were conducted by a research university in Germany. Presently, these garments are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. It is mainly used for manufacturing inner garments, stockings etc. due to the claimed additional functions like absorbing bad smell, and providing anti-bacterial features. Looking at the initial stages of development of garments from aloe vera, the achievement of Tamil Nadu weavers is really commendable as they are making full fledged embellished sarees with Aloe Vera!


Nov 17, 2009

Indian Fashion Photo Gallery

Nov 17, 2009
Fashion is always a pleasure to eyes! We dress up and do make-up for looking good. Everyone has a different reason to do so- some might feel well by looking well. Some others may remain charged up when others look at them. Whatever be the reason, the fact is that everyone love to watch a well dressed up personality! Photos are therefore very important- they not only give us something good to look at but also guide us on how to look good? Fashion shows can not be watched live by everyone. It is not possible to see all kinds of sarees, lehenga cholis or salwar kameez in each and every shop before buying them neither is it feasible to know about the bridal wear trends and other fashion trends without looking at the real pictures. The images are only support to know about the latest fashion trends. If not for any purpose, fashion photos are still good source of entertainment- who doesn't like the bright and dull, dark and light, all kinds of fashion clothing, jewelery, make up and pleasant faces of models and Bollywoood actresses? Come, lets watch the fabulous Fashion Clothing Photo Gallery and make our day pleasant!


Nov 15, 2009

Saree Blouse Desings

Nov 15, 2009

String Back Choli

Crossed Embellished String Back Blouse

String Back Designer Blouse

Backless Choli Style Blouse

Off Shoulder Designer Blouse

Halter Neck Blouse

Backless Blouse

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Nov 11, 2009

What Skirts Should Plus Size Women Wear?

Nov 11, 2009

Plus size women, especially Indian women, think that western wear skirts are not for them- skirts and shirts or tops give them an ugly look. In fact, this is one of the myths of Indian fashion clothing prevalent among the Indian women. If bought with a little care and worn properly with appropriate ladies tops and fashion accessories, skirts give an awesome look to the plus size women too. Here are some tips on skirt styles that can be worn by the over size women.

A-line Skirts- Perfect for any figure including plus size. The narrow shape at the top and a little flare at the bottom of these skirts cover the bottom heavy part of plus size ladies. They give a slimming effect to wearer. So, buy an A-line skirt without worrying about any other thing.

Pencil Skirts- Although some people say that pencil skirts are not for plus size women, these skirts give a flattering sleek and slim look to heavy figures. The reason is the narrow silhouette towards bottom of the pencil skirts.

Long Skirts- Tall and over sized women can wear long skirts that almost reach the ground. Most of the  Indian skirts are long, so there are many options for Indian as well as other women to choose from. However, if a plus size woman is also a shorter woman than long skirts can give them an awkward look.

Short Skirts- Short here doesn't mean mini skirts. Skirts that are only an inch above the knees can balance the upper and lower body of shorter plus size women. Tall women can try a skirt that stops just below the knees which can make them look taller and more slender.

Trumpet Skirts- The nice drape of trumpet skirts bring out the curves of plus size women very nicely. These can be tried by short as well as taller women.

Denim Skirts- A straight skirt made of denim can look good on over sized women provided it is form fitting at the hips and continues straight down from the hips. It gives a more proportionate look without adding any extra bulk. It especially suits tall plus size women. Small and petite figure plus size women should wear knee length denim skirt.

Some Tips on Tops for Plus Size Women

Plus size women should wear a top that is at least long enough to reach the mid line of their navels. Layered looks are good, as long as the lines are smooth at front and back. A v-neck can be very good for a plus-size woman as it lengthens the neck line and draws the eye down. However, the neckline should not be deep if the cleavage seems to be overflowing. It can look good on a plus-size woman with an average bust. Limit the low cut depending upon your cleavage and bust. Indian ladies Kurtis are specially good for plus size women. Most of these Indian ladies kurtis have just the right length to cover the body flaws and for bringing out the curves in the right manner.

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Nov 10, 2009

How to Care For a Silk Bridal Lehenga?

Nov 10, 2009

Many of you will get married in this wedding season and I know it for sure that most of you will fall for a Silk Bridal Lehenga. After all, these soft and sensuous lehengas are hot favorite among the Indian brides. However, silk is also a very delicate fabric and an expensive one too! So, you will never want your high cost bridal lehnga to get spoiled in a short period of time. A little care will let you wear this bridal lehenga at your silver jubilee wedding anniversary too! Just a little care and proper handling- that's all for the long life of your wedding memories. Read on these tips on taking care of silk lehengas and then buy one for your big day.

Tips on Caring for Your Silk Lehengas

These tips are not only for silk bridal lehengas but for other silk clothing too.
  • Most probably, you will not need to wear your bridal lehenga just after your marriage but it's better to get it cleaned before you store them in the cupboard. First wash should be dry cleaning- yes a little expense for very expensive bridal wear.
  • In the years to come, when you will wear your silk bridal lehnga, you will not be able to dry clean it after every instance. So, wash it with mild detergent having a pH below 7- those which you use for your woolens.
  • Never twist or wring out this delicate fabric. Hand wash, preferably in a sink by gently swirling the cloth.
  • Press water gently and hang dry.
  • When ironing, set the iron on the lowest heat (silk setting or rayon setting where silk is not indicated).
  • Place a piece of light fabric on the ironing surface and then place the silk lehenga right side down on top of the fabric. It will absorb the excess heat from the iron.
  • Before you start ironing, test a small, out of sight area of your silk lehenga to make sure that the heat will not damage the fabric. Set the iron's heat at further low point if you see any harm being done to the silk fabric.
  • Let the silk cool when you finish ironing.
  • Store the lehenga separately in the cupboard wrapped in a soft cloth like muslin cloth.
  • Ensure that the cupboard is moth free.
Now when you know the tricks of saving your silk lehenga, go ahead and buy one but before buying just read Why Silk Bridal Lehengas are Liked by All, not only to know the reasons of their popularity but also to know what harms can be done by silk lehengas and how to choose the right silk bridal lehenga for you.


Nov 7, 2009

Salwar Kameez- Reasons Behind its Traditional Modernity

Nov 7, 2009

Salwar Kameez, in whatever form, is perhaps the most popular woman wear in India today. It is simple, neat, trendy, classy, cool, smart- all at the same time. That's why it seems to be so popular among the young Indian women- in colleges, offices, parties- everywhere you can see these women donned in some or the other beautiful creation of salwar suits.

What makes salwar kameez so popular?.....May be the reason is the comfort and ease of wearing it. It is comfortable in all seasons and at all places. You just need to choose the fabric with care and to change the salwar suit designs a little and it becomes apt for any place and occasion. Women who feel a little uncomfortable in revealing dresses like skirts etc. (it is not a generalized belief, such dresses are revealing in their view), they also can remain trendy by wearing a designer salwar kameez. The salwars give women the freedom of movement- especially to those women who find jeans and trousers a little tight and uncomfortable. By just shortening or lengthening the kurtas one can get different looks. Moreover, a dupatta carried with salwar kameez lends further grace to the overall personality of the wearer. What more! One can even mix and match- take a kurta and match it with neutral color salwars or swap the kurta to be worn sometimes with salwar and at other times with churidar. In short, there is a lots of scope for experimenting with salwar kameez.

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Nov 5, 2009

How Fashion Videos Make You More Stylish?

Nov 5, 2009
A single picture is equivalent to a thousand words! And just imagine how effective will be the moving pictures then? I need not emphasize the efficiency of active media. We all know that videos are very effective in communicating a message in its right spirit. Hollywood and Bollywood as well as the television industry – all are well aware of this fact and are making the best use of videos. Everyday you see hundreds of videos as advertisements on TV, cinema and even on Internet. Then why not make use of this very effective media- the videos, particularly fashion videos – to lend you some style and oomph!

Fashion Videos- What are They and How to Use Them?

There are many categories of fashion videos

Event Videos- These are the videos of fashion shows and other fashion events. For example, video of Lakme Fashion Week or Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week etc. You can always keep track of such videos that are out within two or three days of the event. These shows usually showcase the fashion  trends for the coming season. As such, you have ample time to watch these videos and get your clothes stitched according to the latest designs and trends.

Video Tutorials- These videos teach you some or the other trick. For example, there can be videos on learning basic skills like how to wear sarees, how to sew salwar kameez, or how to do make up for a party etc. If you are a novice, say, in wearing a saree, you will definitely learn the skill faster than when you try to do it on your own. After all, step-by-step instructions with live videos can make you understand the whole process more easily.

Videos for New Fashion Concepts- There are creative minds in fashion industries too. In fact, fashion professionals are more creative than any other professionals as imagination is what spices up one's personality. So, everyday one or the other things are invented like new ways of wrapping sarees, new style of wearing a bridal lehnga choli, or invention of waterproof salwar kameez! You can always use the ideas that are useful for you. For example, if you have to go to a friend's wedding on a short notice and you are not able to custom made your lehenga choli, you will always learn to wrap a saree in ghagra style or in other novel ways like mermaid style etc. by watching a video that teaches to drape saree in novel ways.

Fashion Analytics Video- These videos take forward some fashion issues or clarify some misconceptions about fashion styles. For example, I watched a video that clarified that Indian sarees can always be worn by foreign nationals who think that saree doesn't look good on their body types. The video also contained some fabulous photographs of American women in sarees- they actually looked stunning in saree! In this way the video helped in spreading the message that saree can look good on any woman of any country!

So, go ahead and use the fashion videos for making yourself some more trendy and fashionable! To start with, watch some of these Indian Women Clothing- Fashion Videos